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Bringing More Humanity
to the Workplace and Your World

Author | Speaker | Leadership Development

Have More Energy

Feel Fully Expressed

Gain Clarity

The Workplace Dynamic Has Changed

Leaders are being called to lead differently
than ever before, so it's crucial to get the training and tools you need.

I believe anyone can be the leader they want to be, which is why for over 20 years, I've been helping leaders develop into leaders who develop other leaders and give themselves permission to bring their full selves to the workplace.

  • Award-Winning Author

  • Served hundreds of people & organizations to level up their leadership skills + have a healthier relationship with their emotions

  • 10,000+ Hours of Coaching + Training Complete

  • Featured in many outlets, including In Goop Health

  • 20 + years of business & leadership experience

Be the Leader You Want to Be

1. Apply for coaching.
2. Get the training & tools you need.
3. Be a purpose-driven & engaged leader.

Lead More Purposefully

Christie is a co-founder of UpLevel Productions, a boutique leadership development agency. She's a Best-selling Author, Executive Coach, learning consultant, speaker, and Meditation + Embodiment teacher who designs, delivers, and facilitates transformational content and experiences. Her business leadership experience over the past two decades in marketing, operations, sales, business development, strategic partnerships, and learning & development has allowed her to work with some of the world’s leading brands and organizations. 


She possesses a rare ability to create larger organizational visions and make things real while achieving and exceeding targets, operating profitable P&Ls, and leading empowered teams who take responsibility for their results and their worlds. 


She is a proud member of CTI’s (the world’s oldest and largest in-person coach-training school) and The Trium Group’s - Faculty and Organizational Coaching teams, delivering courses and coaching leaders in over 100 countries across the Globe. Christie has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and holds a B.A. in Media Information and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario. 


She is the creator of the Emotional Leadership Academy, a 6-week Virtual Intensive developed after the overwhelming response from adults with the release of The Adventures of Lil’ Sass, a series of emotional wellness books for young people. In awe of children’s resilience and emotional flexibility, she champions adults’ rights to have and express emotions too. 


When she’s not in the classroom, writing, on her mat, or in the boardroom, Christie is bringing leadership development tools to the vulnerable youth incarcerated in Southern California and Ontario, Canada. A stand for humanizing the workplace, Christie works with individuals and organizations to support them to UpLevel all areas of Well-Being and ignite their true potential.


Leadership Development

Learn from over two-decades of Christie’s experience in developing and working with high-performing leaders, teams and organizations. She’s been on a mission to humanize the workplace and has experienced great success on this front…

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Ignite your audience through Christie’s passionate, purposeful and playful talks on relevant and cutting-edge topics, designed to shake things up and light a fire under attendees to live into the Full-Range of their true potential.

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Learn about Christie’s mission for kids and adults to have a healthier, more responsible and happier relationship with their emotions through her series of personal development books for young people.

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Check out Christie’s Best-Selling Book Series for young people;

The Adventures of Lil’ Sass

Adventures of Lil' Sass Written by Christie Mann
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