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Learn from over two-decades of Christie’s experience in developing and working with high-performing leaders, teams and organizations. She’s been on a mission to humanize the workplace and has experienced great success on this front.

Working with some of the world’s leading brands, Fortune 500’s and leaders from  prominent organizations, as a leadership and learning designer, consultant, executive coach and trainer. By co-creating content with 100s of organizational clients and delivering experiential learning, she’s planted the seeds of a growth mindset which has birthed coaching cultures and developed leaders from the inside out -
leaving these workplaces more productive, engaged and healthier places to be; with stronger, more sustainable business results.

Leadership Development

Ignite your audience through Christie’s passionate, purposeful and playful talks on relevant and cutting-edge topics, designed to shake things up and light a fire under attendees to live into the Full-Range of their true potential.

Christie curates riveting, experiential talks on an array of topics, inspired by 2-decades of business and leadership experience and her learnings from Therapy, the Co-Active methodology through CTI, a Master’s in the Practices and Principles of Spiritual Psychology and her practice of the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Speaking Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Humanizing the Workplace

  • Humanizing the Planet

  • Conscious Leadership

  • The Power of Intention

  • Birthing your Purpose

  • Head Trash 101


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Learn about Christie’s mission for kids and adults to have a healthier, more responsible and happier relationship with their emotions through her series of personal development books for young people.

Christie is the creator of Lil’ Sass: a character who teaches the importance and value of being with our own emotions and shows us how much JOY we can experience when we allow ourselves to be fully self-expressed. As an author, Christie draws inspiration for the characters and stories of The Adventures of Lil’ Sass, (a 3-book series with supporting accessories, launching Fall 18’) from her own life experiences and her extensive studies and practices. She is in awe of children’s resilience and emotional flexibility and champions adults’ rights to have and express emotions too.


Join the adventure here.


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