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When you don’t create space, or give yourself permission to express your emotions, they get stuck.


They can get stuck in your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.


Stuck emotion is what leads to dis-ease---which can create disease in your body and in your mind. People have allowed trapped emotions to create auto-immune deficiencies, heart disease,

and even cancer. In fact, suppressed emotions have contributed to the staggering statistic

of almost 20% of North Americans battling with mental health issues.


Imagine a world where you’re free to release your emotions. In that world, you would know that just because you feel sad doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in the sadness. You wouldn’t judge yourself for having emotions in front of others. You’d wake up feeling energized, alive, with a positive relationship to your emotions. You’d know that it’s OK to feel complete JOY and HEARTBREAK at the same time. From this place of emotional wellbeing, others in your life would feel free to experience their emotions and you wouldn’t feel the need to try and fix them or control the situation. Can you imagine if in a year from now your emotions of Sadness, Anger & Joy were your best friend?

Truly, what would your life look like if you were more connected & comfortable with your emotions?


The Emotional Leadership Academy is a 6-week virtual course for those curious about their relationship with their emotions. 


This course is right for you if:

  • You’ve been and are looking for additional tools and support to aid you in your emotional agility, resilience, and overall wellness. 

  • You want to be able to “feel,” feel alive, and move through life more fully self-expressed. 

  • You haven’t been able to connect to your emotions in a healthy and responsible way.


This is not therapy, but it can work as either a complement or supplement to other programs and therapies. It’s called 'Emotional Leadership' because everyone is born a Leader. Having a healthy and deep connection with emotions is an important part of leading a fully-expressed, fulfilled life. 


The course is open to a limited number of participants who will create a supportive community. The group will work together to help each member become a master of their own path to emotional agility and wellness. The content and learning experience uses an array of methodologies and philosophies including; Leadership Development & Coaching, Spiritual Psychology, NLP, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Experts in the field of Embodiment and Somatic Healing will also contribute to your learning journey.

What to Expect:

  • New Outlook. Let go of limiting beliefs and “head trash” around your emotions, get more connected and comfortable with the primary emotions of sadness, anger & joy.

  • Specialist Guidance. Get support from a dedicated team and subject matter experts who have lived and curated the curriculum and will lead you through the experience.

  • Community Support. Build a community and council of new peers who share similar values, understand what you want to achieve and can help you work towards it.

  • Resources & Convenience. Access extensive resources in an easily digestible format that goes way beyond the 6-week course. The course is entirely online and available to you for a year after end of the course.

I met Christie last year at In Goop Health LA 2018, and instantly, I knew I would love her. As a professional in health and wellness, I seek to know dedicated female providers who bring their whole self to their work. I found that in Christie. She uses the full power of her heart and brain to help her clients find the deeper parts of herself to exceed limitations and to break through to her highest good. I loved my time with Christie and learned a lot about myself from her. I hope you do, too!

Jess Loehndorf Hutchison, LMFT

Couple & Family Therapist, Founder of Live Your Well

Join the Next Emotional Leadership Academy

Join the Next Emotional Leadership Academy

Stephanie Colegrove Headshot.png

Stephanie Colegrove

Executive & Leadership Coach,

Former Operations VP

"Christie Mann is a model of and champion for living a purposeful and authentic life and for showing up fully and passionately in everything you do.  Her coaching helped me to acknowledge and tap into my strengths and let go of limiting beliefs that were keeping me from sharing my gifts in a bigger way. 


What I know for sure…by exploring your emotions and the power they have in your life, you will strengthen your emotional agility and achieve greater success with your goals and dreams.  I am so grateful my path intersected with Christie’s and I know you will be too."

Evan Kleiman

Talent Strategist + Performance Coach

"Working with Christie Mann has been a truly powerful experience. I felt so seen, heard, and safe. She so gracefully and expertly took me on a journey of the heart and soul. She opened my eyes to new ways of showing up & leading as an emotionally fluent, self-aware, authentic and heart-centered Leader.

My Emotional Leadership is more honed and refined and I’m seeing the results in such exciting ways! 

Every time I think about Christie, I get a giant smile on my face from ear to ear. She’s a true gem of a human! If you’re on the fence...just go for it!“

Anita Schmitt

Independent Consultant & Regional Vice President

"Working with Christie has given me a deeper understanding of myself and the clarity to see things from different perspectives.  Because of Emotional Leadership, I am able to better serve my team of entrepreneurs so that individuals feel heard and acknowledged.  I can then tune into their needs so they can have the clarity to motivate themselves and reach their goals which in turn created a positive and supportive team culture and business growth."

What Others Are Saying...

How It's Structured:

The Emotional Leadership Academy is structured in a way

that fits into your busy life, and that builds on itself to create sustainable change.

Weekly live virtual video calls that you will join in real time to experience the content curated to grow your Emotional Leadership and deepen the connection to your council of peers and guides. Weekly assignments designed to fit into your already busy schedule. An online community that you can access from your phone or home computer, available to you 24/7.

You'll Review One Class a Week

Weekly Teaching Video. Sundays. Each Sunday, there will be a weekly module posted with the week's lesson, taught by Christie Mann and Guest Subject Matter Experts, from time-to-time. The video is accessible to you throughout the course and beyond.

We’ll Meet Once Weekly, Virtually

Weekly Group Intensive. We'll meet on the same day, at the same time each week based on the cohort's availability. We will have one group virtual call per week where we will go deeper on that week’s lesson. You will observe a demonstration and/or experience it in front of the larger group and then break-out into smaller groups to practice. The demonstrations will be modeling tools and principles incorporated from Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Psychology and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. You will use your Emotional Leadership Learning Guide to capture important notes and continue to draft your own Emotional Leadership Plan.

You'll Have ‘In-between’ Work

Weekly and daily assignments. Each week, we will have assignments that are to be done either daily or weekly that will deepen your understanding of the week's lesson. Daily assignments can include incorporation of mantra, breath work, meditation, movement, nutrition, journaling, visualization, and other skills into your real life. Weekly assignments and challenges can include watching an informative video, listening to a podcast, written assignments, yoga classes, and reading assignments. Each week will build on the previous week. 

E-community Meet-up

You'll be invited to join a community hosted on a private Facebook group so we can know each other better, and build a community that will extend beyond the 6 weeks. This will be the place we communicate in between our group intensives and where we can share what is going on in our lives, ask for help, and in general support one another as we grow our Emotional Leadership.

Balance Begins Here

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WEEK ONE: Setting the Stage, Introducing Breath-work, Building your Personal Roadmap & Toolkit

We’ll establish how we’ll work together over the course of the 6-weeks and create a safe and powerful space for our learning. We’ll also explore the following, to set the stage of the learning journey:

  • What are Emotions?

  • What is our culture's relationship with Emotions? What is the impact of that relationship?

  • What is your own relationship with Emotions?

  • How does that relationship impact you, your physical & mental health and your relationship to others?

  • What do we mean by Emotional Leadership?

  • What’s your vision for your emotional health? How do you want your relationship with your emotions to be? And what are the specific desired outcomes you want from this experience?


We’ll Introduce Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Learn how to use it practically to further your emotional leadership, manage energy, balance moods, reduce anxiety and depression. Introduce breath work and learn why breathing properly can be one of the most powerful tools and how to use it to manage your emotional states. Go deep on understanding how a meditation practice supports emotional leadership, and how to use meditation to re-pattern the brain.

WEEK TWO: Sadness & You

We’ll dive into Sadness, exploring this emotion’s scientific & evolutionary purpose. We’ll look at the impact that suppressed Sadness can have on us physically and mentally. You’ll walk away with a greater awareness of your beliefs (self-limiting & affirming) around this emotion. You’ll also leave with a tool/practice that will allow you to be in a better relationship with your own Sadness.

WEEK THREE: Anger & You

The emotion of Anger gets a really bad rap in our culture, we’ll take a deeper look at this while exploring Anger’s scientific & evolutionary purpose. We’ll look at the impact that suppressed Anger can have on our health. You’ll walk away with a greater awareness of your beliefs (self-limiting & affirming) around this emotion. You’ll also leave with a tool/practice that will allow you to be in a better relationship with your own Anger.

WEEK FOUR: Joy & You

We often don’t consider our relationship to an emotion like Joy and for many of us, we are unconscious to the fact that we may not be allowing ourselves to fully experience  En-JOY-MENT! We’ll get more familiar with Joy, exploring its scientific & evolutionary purpose and the impact that suppressing it can have on our physical and mental health. You’ll walk away with a greater awareness of your beliefs (self-limiting & affirming) around this emotion. You’ll also leave with a tool/practice that will allow you to be in a better relationship with your own Joy.

WEEK FIVE: Deepening Your Tool-Kit with Embodiment & Somatic Experts Guidance

We’ll be joined by sought-after experts in the fields of Embodiment and Somatic therapies and learn more about how the mind-body-connection, sound movement, constitutional embodiment, and integrative wellness is connected to our emotions. In this session, we’ll be moving our bodies and we’ll really work to listen more deeply to our emotional body.

WEEK SIX. Finalizing your Emotional Leadership Plan & Completion

Over the past 5 sessions you’ve increased your awareness and gained greater agility around your emotional leadership. This is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. You’ll be guided through the design of a personalized action plan that will support you to continue to improve your relationship with your own emotions and improve your overall emotional wellness. The actions created will also support you to put into practice what you’ve learned in this first Intensive and get you ready for Intensive 2. We will also consciously ‘complete’ this learning journey together.


Meet The Team

Christie Mann is on a mission to bring emotions back and make it OK for adults and children to express emotions in a responsible way. Christie is an author, spiritual psychologist, leadership coach, learning consultant, trainer, speaker and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher who designs and facilitates transformational content and experiences, and helps to make our world a happier, healthier and more connected place to be.

  • Best-selling author

  • Business leadership in marketing, operations, sales, business development, strategic partnerships, and learning and development 

  • CTIs Faculty, Organizational Coaching Team and Head of CTI's Organizational Business (Graduate of CTI’s internationally acclaimed Co-Active Leadership Program and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach)

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF, the governing body of the coaching profession

  • Certified  StandOut  Strengths  coach  through  The  Marcus  Buckingham  Company  (TMBC)

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

  • B.A. in Media Information and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario

  • Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica

Her mission to help others have a more resilient relationship with their emotions is fueld by the hardships she faced when she herself was not fully expressing her emotions, but was rather remaining numb.  At 13 years old Christie's life suddenly and dramatically shifted when situations revolving around her parents caused her to suffer some devastating losses and she was thrust into a leadership position, which subsequently, impacted her relationship to her own emotional growth. She has spent over 15 years working on her own corrective path and because of this, she has a sincere desire to encourage others to have a healthier relationship with their emotions.

Her best-selling emotional wellness children's book series, The Adventures of LIl’ Sass follows the adventures of Lil' Sass: a character who teaches the importance and value of being with our own emotions and shows us how much JOY we can experience when we allow ourselves to be fully self-expressed. 

Christie Mann


Connie Wilson

Recently retired with over 16 years experience as a Co-Active Life Coach at Google, Inc., Connie had the opportunity to work with executives and individual contributors at one of the most well known and sought after companies in the world.  In a company like Google, her commitment was to help her clients achieve better work life balance in a very fast paced environment. Connie’s expertise allowed her to quickly establish a safe relationship with her clients in an effort for them to open up and begin to achieve their goals and dreams.  A fierce advocate for their potential, a laser focused listener, very intuitive, wise and trustworthy, Connie has been a valuable partner with all her clients.

Sunday Phillips

Sunday’s unique methods and decidedly fresh and holistic approach have earned her a position as one of the most sought-after Pilates and Wellness teachers in the Boulder/Denver area.  She is currently re-shaping the landscape for Pilates and Yoga teachers alike, as she studies both disciplines extensively to bring the very best to her clients and their everyday life.


She teaches people to coordinate the constitutional elements of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through the practice of mindfulness, deep breathing, sound movement, and creative self-expression so they can learn to balance, strengthen, and empower themselves to live in their highest potential.

Chrissy Bernal

Chrissy is the calm among the chaos. As a special needs mom, she struggled with carving a career path that utilized her passions and skills while working well with the extra responsibilities required of her. After accidentally ending up in the global spotlight for her unique identical twins, she was forced to build a brand on the fly and discover a way to share her story while maintaining privacy. By combining her formal education in Mass Communications & Journalism with the real world knowledge she gained while using her story to shape her career, she developed a roadmap to help others pull together branding, messaging and publicity to clearly communicate their message, increase their reach efficiently and reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known. 

Rachel Baldi

Rachel Baldi is a Co-Active Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Interfaith Leader and mother of four (soon to be 5). With over 12 years of experience in Coaching and Leadership Development.
Rachel has experience in many fields; youth coaching, focusing on career development and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system and coaching individuals and facilitating workshops on Coach Training and Leadership Development.
Rachel’s mission in life is building bridges through interfaith dialogue and connection. She uses her knowledge and expertise to bring people of different faiths together to build understanding. Through her public speaking, civil conversations, and conflict resolution Rachel hopes to invite people of different faiths to connect on similarities as human beings in order to work together to build a better future.

Frequently asked questions


A.J. Foyt was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Fueled by ambition and determination, he carved out a remarkable life that was filled with adventure…and a few mishaps along the way. He has been richly rewarded with a close-knit family, loyal friends and a privileged lifestyle that belies his humble beginnings.

Foyt’s career is a treasure trove of memorable records and incredible feats. His record of achievement may never be equaled and certainly won’t be in his lifetime. Major victories, including the Indy 500 in IndyCar, the Daytona 500 in NASCAR, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in sports cars, set him apart from all other race drivers.

In 2017, Foyt returned to France for the first time since he and Dan Gurney won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1967. As a guest of Ford Performance Group, Foyt was given a golf cart painted to look like the GT-40 he wheeled in 1967, he was feted at a dinner the evening before the start of the historic race and was driven around the circuit by Patrick Bourdais (Sebastien’s father, a racer in his own right) before the race.

“I was shocked at how much the track had changed,” Foyt said. “It doesn’t even look like the track we had run—they added two chicanes to the Mulsanne Straight (which used to be 3.7 miles long, arguably the fastest stretch of asphalt in motorsports). Now the cars have air conditioning, and they monitor
it—it can’t go over 90 degrees or you have to come in and fix it! Hell, our air conditioning was a window. It was impressive, but I’m glad Dan and I raced it when we did.”

Gurney and Foyt remain as the only all-American team with an American-built car to win the prestigious international endurance race.

Winner of a record 67 Indy car races and seven national IndyCar Series titles as a driver, Foyt is often viewed as an intimidating personality by drivers, all of whom are now two generations removed from the motorsports legend. It is an assessment he disputes.

“I don’t ask my drivers to do all that I have done, the times are different nowadays,” Foyt said. “But I do expect them to give me 100 percent. That’s the name of the game. When I was running, all I wanted to do was win, and that’s the reason I probably won as much as I did. I never did want to settle for second or third.”

The Houston native has seen a lot of changes in his celebrated career, which began in 1953 on the small dirt tracks around his hometown. He soon turned it into a globetrotting romp of racetracks throughout North America and in Europe, Australia and Asia.

However, the Texan’s most memorable races took place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he became the first four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 (1961, 1964, 1967, 1977). Including the 2017 Indy 500, Foyt will have competed in 60 straight Indy 500s—of which 35 straight were as a driver. He holds the IndyCar Series records for most career victories (67), most national championships (7) and most triumphs in one season (10).

“It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been racing cars for over 60 years,” said Foyt. “I’ve had so many good memories, and some not-so-good, but I wouldn’t trade any of it.”

Winning has been the hallmark of Foyt’s career: winning in Indy cars, NASCAR, USAC stock cars, midgets, sprints, IMSA sports cars and, of course, Le Mans. He won 14 national titles and 172 major races in his driving career, which spanned four decades and three continents: North America, Europe and

Australia. He has won in five countries—U.S.A., France, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain—and in 15 of the 19 states in which he competed as a driver.

Yet it was through his adversities that A.J.’s qualities burned brightest. His determination and toughness set him apart from his competition and led to a career that made him auto racing’s most inspiring champion.

Over the years, Foyt proved he was physically and mentally tough. The equipment that he drove did not have the safety features of today’s cars and gear. Foyt battled back from career-threatening accidents to race—and win—again.

He broke his back at Riverside, California, in 1965 and again at Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1982, sustained burns on his face and hands at Phoenix in 1966, was run over by his own race car, breaking his ankle at DuQuoin, Illinois, in 1972. He nearly lost his right arm in 1981 at Michigan, and in 1990, he nearly lost a leg—he still limps from the effects of his crash at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

“I knew people wanted me to retire, heck my own family wanted me to,” he said of that 1990 accident. “But I didn’t want to go out on crutches. I was determined to walk to my race car without crutches.”

At 56, Foyt limped to his car, without crutches, and qualified second for the 1991 Indianapolis 500! He was eliminated early when debris from another accident broke his car’s suspension, but not before he had shown his own brand of toughness before 400,000 race fans and millions of TV viewers.

After finishing ninth in his 35th straight 500 in 1992, the motorsports icon retired from driving Indy cars in 1993 on Pole Day (May 15) at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. His decision was as abrupt as it was final.

“When I won Indy the first time back in 1961, I had a chance to meet Ray Harroun, who won the first Indy in 1911,” Foyt revealed. “I asked him when he knew when to quit. He said, ‘It’ll come to you, you’ll just know.’ And he was right.”

In the past decade, Foyt has faced his most serious health issues, which include systemic shock from an attack of killer bees in 2005 (and again in 2018), left knee replacement (2006), nearly drowning in an enclosed bulldozer he dumped into a pond (2007), multiple stent implant cardiac surgery (2011), staph infection (2012), back surgery, hip replacement and right knee replacement (2013), triple bypass surgery (2014), staph infection and second right knee replacement (2015), spinal stenosis-triggered sciatica (2016), and a third staph infection after back surgery in 2018. Back problems reared up in mid-season again in 2019, forcing Foyt to miss the second half of the season.

Foyt’s triple bypass surgery in November 2014, followed by serious post-operative complications, led to a nearly month-long hospital stay, and for the first time, a week-long induced sedation as doctors worked to get him back on track. Another two-week stay in the hospital in December due to more, but

non-life threatening, complications set a personal record for Foyt, whose previous hospital stays (due to race-related injuries) were three weeks or less.

“I’ve had a lot of accidents and have always recovered pretty fast,” said Foyt, adding, “but this was altogether different from an accident, because it was a health problem. All during my career I never had any health problems, so I didn’t realize how serious they can be or how lucky you are when you’re healthy.”

Throughout his storied career, Foyt has defied the odds to emerge triumphant. His accolades include being named the Driver of the Year in 1975, inaugural inductions into the National Motorsports Hall of Fame (Novi, Michigan), the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and the Miami Project/Sports Legend in Auto Racing (1986). He won the American Sportscasters Association Sports Legend Award in 1993. He was named to

NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers and voted Driver of the Century by a panel of experts and the Associated Press. In 2000, he was named to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, and more recently, he was voted into the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

As a team owner, Foyt has won the national Indy car title five times: 1967, 1975, 1979, 1996 (with driver Scott Sharp) and 1998 (with driver Kenny Brack). It was also with Brack that Foyt won the 1999 Indy 500 for his fifth visit to the Brickyard’s victory circle.

As Foyt campaigns throughout the 2020 season, he and his team will be working to add yet another milestone to a career defined by them. His goal is simple: “To get back in victory circle. The last time my team won I was at home recovering from surgery, so I want to be there when we win.”


First four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 (1961, 1964, 1967, 1977); won 1999 Indy 500 with driver Kenny Brack

Only driver to have started in 35 consecutive Indianapolis 500 mile races (1958-1992)

Only driver to have won the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 (1972) and the 24 Hours of LeMans (1967)

Only driver to have won seven national Indy car championships

Only driver to have won 67 Indy car races

Won 53 Indy car pole positions (4 Indianapolis 500 poles)

“Driver of the Century” by Associated Press Panel and ESPN's RPM 2Night

Named Grand Marshal of 50th Anniversary Rolex 24 at Daytona

Grand Marshal of the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2018

Indy Racing League titles with drivers Scott Sharp (1996) and Kenny Brack (1998)

Inaugural inductee into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1989

Only driver to have won USAC's national Indy Car title and Stock Car championship in the same season: 1979

Winner of International Race of Champions twice: IROC III and IV in 1976 and 1977

Winner of 14 major driving championships

Seven NASCAR Grand National victories (now Winston Cup); nine pole positions

Winner of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona twice (1983 and 1985)

Winner of the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1985

Record-holder for best percentage for Indy car wins in one season: 77% in 1964 when he won 10 out 13 races

1975 Driver of the Year

First career start racing midgets at Houston’s Playland Park in 1953

Feel free to reach out here if you have additional questions.

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